Ride the Canyon

The freezing water… waterfalls, jumps, slides, lakes and climbings!

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Why I propose this experience

You will be part of a great session of canyoning with our Genius. You will experience downhills through narrow, rivers, rope climbs. For the bravest, a dive into the water. Or a walk into the woods during the hot days of summer. The cold water into the creeks, ever changing river bottom, thanks to the different minerals and light. Power of water, forces of nature. After a 40 minutes walk to the creek, the downhill adventure starts. At the end of the ride, you will find water and energy drinks, before the chance of a restorative shower. A watermelon slice will be last treat of the day before returning to the hotel.

Special extra by Allure Alps

Chance for a special picnic to taste local delicacies, selected for you by your Personal assistant.

Furthermore it could be possible to film a video with a GOPRO.

It can be possible to choose a different path according technical level and preferences.

Private transfer with wifi.

Experience presented by

Jean Edouard Hardy

  • Snowboard
  • Empathic
  • Creative
  • Video


  • Torrente Chalamy and Torrente Fer ( Pont St. Martin)

With the alpine guide

Christian Zanolli


For everybody: Singles, couples, families, friends. Max 7 persons


Basic level, from 5 years and above. Extreme level, from 16 years and above.

Basic Swimming skills requested    



Number of days   

Half day to two day.


It may vary according the path previously agreed . maximum jump into water  8-9 meters for safety reasons

What you need

Great will to push beyond your limits. Allure Alps will lovely provide helmets,  neoprene diving suits, climbing harness, ropes, snap-hooks, gloves and life vests.


“Wow… what a shiver, for the water temperature and the adrenalin rush” (David, 19, from NYC).