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History and Taste of Aosta Valley

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Why I propose this experience

With two international borders Aosta Valley is a land of crossroads and encounters between people. Home of the second Italian parish, the millennial Sant’Orso cathedral, the region is known for its varied and unique collection of castles from the middle ages to the 19th century; There are seventeen castles, many well preserved, they stand like soldiers along the length of the region upon great lumps of rock. Overlooking all the goings on bellow  and defending the passage to and from the rest of Europe.

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Special extra by Allure Alps

An intriguing and unexpected tour , interspersed with one or two nights in a great regional structure. 

Possibility to organize private castles tours and private tastings at local vineyards.

Private transfer and Guide.

Experience presented by

Andrea Tassini

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  • Bard
  • Fenis
  • Sarre
  • Chatillon
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  • Issogne
  • Verrès





Castel Savoia



The summer residence of Queen Margherita di Savoia.

Definitely a fairytale building, in a fairytale location, just under the Mont Rose “’s so beautiful that you want to pray God to thank Him for these marvellous mountains”.


Castello di Verrès



“..a cube, the most perfect medieval construction in Aosta Valley. A fortress, a model for the minimal building style”.  


Castello di Issogne

I-II century / XIV reconstruction.


“Its beauty reveals suddenly…when…passing the dark entrance hall, you get enraptured by its enchanting coloured walls and by the beauty of its decorated fountain”.




Castello di Ussel



A dark, creepy, majestic, impressive, outstanding castle built on a peak to guard the valley and the villages below.

With a very interesting story of the inventor of the BIC pen.


Castello di Cly

XI century.


“when I was a child, I sneaked off from home to the Cly castle. This creepy construction, that was known by beeing habitated by ghosts and witches, scared me so much. An old man told me once that, according to a legend, the lord of the castles used to abuse his subjects”…F.G. Frutaz, 1913


Castello di Fénis

XII century.


“..unusually situated on a plain, was so famous thanks to the art of defense. Impossible to imagine all these buildings gathered together in a more pitoresque way”. Edouard Aubert, 1860


Castello di Introd

XIII century


“..sorrounded by woods, Introd catsle turned into a modern resort, that the amenity of the location and the rough mountains around turn into such a wonderful place to stay..”

 Jules Brocherel, 1930 (first travel agent probably)


Forte di Bard

1034 AD


“..if there’s a fortress tha for its position, harshness of mountains that makes a bareer and nature of the location, that fortress is Bard: the door key for Italy on this side..”

Jean Baptiste NIcolis di Robilant-Mallet, 1795


Castello Reale di Sarre

XI-XII century.


“situated on the top of a small hill, studded with vinyards, dominating the road that crosses the valley. It’s not beautiful, but it’s so nice….” Giuseppe Corona, 1881

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